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Information technology (IT) is the last great source of differentiation between aftermarket businesses. Those who master IT will command a clear advantage over those who don't. Technology-enabled solutions will separate the best busineesses from the rest and the fast from the slow of the industry.

AAIA has taken a leadership role in developing standards and best practices in e-commerce and technology to help lower the cost of doing business and increase efficiencies in the aftermarket value chain. Through the leadership of the AAIA Technology Standards Committee, the association has developed tools and practices that have come to be recognized as Industry Standard.

Standards developed specifically for the aftermarket industry speed the adoption of technology and lower the cost of integration. AAIA serves as a neutral facilitator allowing competitors and trading partners from all industry segments to collaborate on solutions that benefit the entire aftermarket.

Standards Executive Overview
A description of the critical role industry data standards play in business

AAIA Chief Information Officer, Scott Luckett, presents an overview of the changing role technology and electronic content has in the automotive aftermarket. The critical nature of industry standards such as ACES and PIES is put in terms business decision-makers will appreciate. This seminar answers the question, “How can I sell more stuff and reduce returns?”

Technology Adoption Roadmap - The Roadmap visually represents the position of major data receivers in the aftermarket relative to their adoption of the leading data and communicaton standards. The Standard Adoption Roadmap helps take the guess-work out of deciding where to invest in standards-based technology